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Love Response Campaign

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Be enchanted by our product line and make the magic in our children's lives!
You already know about our work and understand the responsibility that we have by providing more quality of life for 70 brazilian "butterflies" and their families.
We're always looking for different solutions and criative ideas to continue our mission and we count on you as our supporter to expand our efforts to take care of these very special children.
Today, we proundly present the launch of our Fashion Line LOVE RESPONSE, an exclusive designed collection by Julia de Lucena.
The print design, reminds our colors, our children and our love response - which will never lets us give up to move on!
Be an agent of change by being part of this movement.
Check out our full collection at:
M A G I C . C O R D E L . L O V E . R E S P O N S E . S O S . E B . K I D S 
Love and purpose in every purchase!

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